The series titled 'Alte Schönhauser Straße 26' combines three different mediums, which could be labeled as the archetypes of image production: realist oil painting, polaroid photography, and Super 8 film.
The main difference between these three mediums is in the time it takes to create them, in other words;
What was lost when we started to document and capture life through a lens, with photographs and films instead of creating images with our hands.

Paintings can take tens of hours of work, while the films bring the viewer to a direct temporal presence.
Alte Schönhauser Straße 26' focuses on imaging and reconstituting the studio space that dually functions as his home and place of work. Within this space the artist finds confidence in his creative process and constructs his own presence as an artist, intersecting physical and mental conditions. Working interactively is a way to get to know a new environment and to find one's place within its social networks.The models in the paintings are the artist's close friends who partake voluntarily in their documentation. They visit the artist regularly anyhow. Although the work appears in a very conventional medium, the ongoing project and its research deal with issues of time and space; how the contextualization of collective activities through art gives them a body and content.

Eemil Karila © 2011